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Tires squealing on the pavement
the sudden crash
an impact so hard I barely noticed
off one thing hitting a few more
sudden darkness
memories lost.

"get me out of here"
I scream
afraid I'll hear no response
"are you ok"
the voice replies
my worries fade
but only briefly.

"we need to get out"
I cry as i tell him
my tears flowing
no chance of them stopping
"my glasses are gone"
he tells me
I start to panic.

a few cars go by
but in the end only two stopped
I get out of the car
waiting for him to join
a woman asks me if Im hurt
I say no.."just in shock."

Standing there
just starring at the wreck in front of me
asking myself how the hell I survived
my hands and legs trembling
he looks at me "are you ok"
I just stare blankly
"yea" I lie.

he hugs me
"it'll be ok" he says
trying to comfort me
I rest my head on him
and cry
awful thoughts run through my head.

the cops show up
"are you ok"
the question asked one too many times
over and over I lie
"yeah just shaken up"
my stupid reply.

still looking at what was left of his car
trying to figure out why
I am even alive
he looks at me
his face covered with concern
he hugs me and holds me
making me feel slightly calm.

the ambulence shows up
they ask too many questions
all ones I cant answer
they tell me
I have to get checked up at the hospital
"greg dont leave me"
I quietly beg
"I wont" he says.

we get to the hospital
more questions follow
he stays by my side
"thank you for staying"
I tell him
"your know i feel really bad"
the look on his face shows that he means it
I get called in
and say goodbye.

now I sit at home
all of the "what if's" running through my mind
what if he died
what if I died
what if we both died
trying to figure out why it happend
nothing is piecing together in my head
I cant sleep without nightmares
and wishing that it was all just a dream.

No everyone Im not "ok"
my mental state may never be the the same again
please stop worrying about me
and maybe Ill be somewhat better someday....

poem about my feelings of a car accident I was in on 10/27/07

tyki-blood Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
bisexxbutchboss Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2007
Hun, "what ifs", they will wreck your life. All you can do is realize that none of them happened, and hope they never will. You're both fine, thank god.
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October 28, 2007
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